The Residence

We are a private non-profit organisation that aims to develop the first Artists Residence Program in Seville province. We want to give artists from all over the world the chance to experience our wide historical and cultural atmosphere from a professional view.


Google Maps Sevilla Castilblanco de los Arroyos
Artists Residence in Castilblanco de los Arroyos, Seville


AirGentum Hoja de Ruta is an A.I.R. Program run at the same time in two places:



Castilblanco Airgentum Photogallery

Our artists in residence program is focused on artistic research and production in our countryside house in Castilblanco de los Arroyos. You´ll be able to focus on your project while sharing ideas with other artists.

Our house offers a quite and confortable place with several common areas: vegetable eco garden, swimming pool, one studio and open spaces to work and get inspired. As an artist you will be able to develop your work/project and get to know other professionals and locals.


Airgentum Artists Residence in Seville
Seville Cathedral by Henrique Ferreira

Artists in residence will have the opportunity of going to Seville in a short bus ride or sometimes by car with Airgentum staff to visit galeries, exhibitions, openings, museums… Airgentum coordinator will do her best to guide you so you can meet local artists. Seville is an amazing city with a very dinamic cultural life and a rich history throughout centuries. Our aim is to provide our artists in residence the chance to experience that richness and maybe find synergies with local and foreign cultural agents and artists.


Sky view from our artists residence in Castilblanco de los Arroyos, Seville


Airgentum team would like to help you enrich your cultural and artistic experience. We would like to get your feedback and learn from you. Our contacts with cultural-educational public and private local institutions would offer you the opportunity to expose your work. Interact with Seville and Castilblanco people and share knowledges is a main target.

We want to promote as well the magnificent work of many Andalusian artists that share with us the powerfull will of making the world reflect about our planet, the necessity of a wider and conscious respect for nature and the consequences if we do not pay attention to these issues. In order to do this, we have launched the Airgentum Hoja de Ruta Grant for Andalusian Artists Promotion.

These are Airgentum Principles. Our goal is to spread enviromental conciousness, degrowth concepts, social issues and human rights, with special emphasis in woman´s rights, through art as a magnificent way of reflexion.

Do not hesitate contacting us to explore the possibilities. Airgentum Team will  be very happy to help you from the very first moment!