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Airgentum Artists Residence in Seville

 Art & Enviromental conciousness

Art is a way of reflection, a mirror in which every culture, every civilization has looked to express its identity and to communicate inner states of their individuals. Art is a privileged tool to scan where and how is the collectivity. Nowadays, in a complex global society influenced by new tecnologies with new approaches to social relationships, art can be crucial: either to just follow the path already marked by consumption and individualism or either to use it again as that mirror that shows us in which world we are living, and most of all, that makes us think about ourselves, our relations with others, not only our closer circles but other cultures, other people, the whole world as an entity itself, including nature in its wide sense, all that ranges from the subatomic to the cosmic: not only humankind and animal kingdom but also plants, oceans, the atmosphere, the whole planet. Art as a reflection in every sense of the word.

We consider as very urgent the neccesity to spread enviromental consciousness and respect for nature and the animal world. Art and education are  the most powerfull tools to get to those who have not even think about our lifestyle consequences. We´d like to  promote those artists that reinforce with their work these premises. Tranquility vs Speed. Nature vs Overindustrialization. Solidarity vs Individualism.


Paprika plant growing in our vegetable garden Airgentum Artsts Residence


We are developing a eco-vegetable garden with regional seeds and we plan to introduce some farm animals as chickens to produce our own eggs and a honeycomb to produce our own honey. We´d love to get closer to selfsufficiency which implies using less monoculture products, discarting when possible products with packaging, sharing with neighbourgs, consuming local products, and some day hopefully producing our own solar energy to reduce non renewable energies.


In Airgentum Artists Residence we recicle furniture Degrowth

We try to use the resources that have been already producted trying to avoid consumption of new manufactured products. Our furniture has been found in second hand stores and applications. We have restored it and gave it a a new life. Most of our reconstruction materials and tools have been bought second hand as well and we have reuse bricks, wires, nails, tiles, etc. that where debries found in our land. We bring everything to the Clean Point to be recicle and sometimes we find some more stuff to restore and reuse. We have built our doors out of pallets found in the street… Let´s recicle as much as possible!

Vegetable garden in Airgentum Artists Residence in Seville


Speed is a cancer for the planet. Emphasizing slower approaches to aspects of everyday life we help the world and ourselves: reinforcing community and personal conections, producing less impact over the planet, recovering conciousness of ourselves which helps us to be healthier and happier putting aside chaos and stress usually related to big industrial cities lifestyle. A society based on consumption with a lifestyle that ignores its consequences over the planet. Humankind is detroying its own house. Planet Earth can´t support us and our way of abusing Nature. Slowing down is one of the best options to help our planet, and therefore, ourselves.