Airgentum Team

AirGentum Team



AirGentum Hoja de Ruta has been founded by Martina Garcia Durendez, General Coordinator of the residence. Starting her forties, what defines her most is her unceasing curiosity, always eager to learn and explore new areas. She has studied Laws, Audiovisuals and Photography and has worked in many different fields where she has always set up her creativity. In Montse Caraballos´s words, main colaborator:

«Martina is an enterprising, fighter brave woman. She imagined a space for artistic creation, for tranquility to enjoy nature and silence in a small sevillian village. She has pursued this dream and has made it possible! Thanks to her strenght and perseverance, to the power of her will, not giving it up when things were very difficult. She has shown to us and to herself what she is capable of. She fought her fears and has tranformed them into energy that now fills the residency of good feelings. Great host, she knows how to give each artist what he/she needs, approaching them with warmth and support to make them live the best experience«.


Residence Assistant

Rosa Aphalo comes from Finland but she also has Argentinian roots. She speaks fluent English and Spanish and will be there anytime to help and support our artists in residence. 

She is right now doing an internship at Airgentum Hoja de Ruta while finishing her degree in Comparative Literature at the University of Turku.

She lives at the residence and loves to share her time with artists from all over the world. Passionate about literature, art and travels she has been with us several months and plans to stay, at least, until the end of autumn. Open minded, inteligent and caring she is always up for any activity, like walks into Dehesa or going to the village to meet local friends for some tapas.



Main Colaborators

Martina has the immense help and support of many relatives and artists friends. Among them is Montse Caraballo:  painter, designer and illustrator. She was born and lives in Seville, studied Fine Arts in Santa Isabel de Hungría School  where she graduated in design and engraving. Along with other colleagues she created and association for the promotion of Andalusian art BLITZ that published a monthly magazine and commissioned events and exhibitions. Since then she has combined painting and design carrying out several exhibitions in Spain and abroad (Netherlands, India, USA, France). She is an experienced artist that will guide you in case you need some curatorial help. As she has been a resident herself several times she will be an excellenet support in case you need it.

In this long list we also have to mention to Fernando de Soto Galván. With a Master´s Degree in Philosophy by University of Seville he is defined by a neverending passion for knowledge: philosophy, literature, politics, essays… Feverish book consumer in his personal blog he shares critics, opinions and articles of the most assorted issues. He´s been a crucial support during the long work process of Airgentum creation. His help has not been only conceptual but also physical, rebuilding side by side many parts of the house, and most of all, he has been a fundamental encouraging element that provided strength when things turn difficult.

For Fernando de Soto: «With this project, Martina begins a new voyage which wants to combine art´s delights with nature´s enchantment. With affection and determination she has transformed difficulties in constructive opportunities to build a kind residential space, welcoming and suggestive, full of harmony and serenity. Fan of art and outdoors places, curious observer, easy learner, proactive, joyful and communicational, Martina starts a new path as AirGentum Director. An honest rural space for artistic creation that aims to generate links between artists all over the world from self-sufficiency, sustainability and respect for nature and people».

Airgentum Artists Residence Dog LuaMartina ´s family has helped her actively to restore the house and build the garden as well. She is now building bonds with Airgentum Residence neighbourghs following the concept of reinforcing community.

Last but not least, we have Airgentum´s protector and guardian: our dog Lúa! Found abandoned in a very miserable condition, starving and shocked, she is still in panic and afraid of many things: quick movements, strong noises, new apparels… She needs tons of love and she is getting them! Bit by bit, with love and patience, she is recovering of a very unfortunate start in life. Lúa, like Nature, needs time to recover and to develop her growing process properly. She is a good example of what humankind is doing to Nature: abused, mistreated, injured and devastated… with respect, love, care and protection we can help Earth as we helped Lúa. Do you want to joint us?