AIR Program

AirGentum Guidelines

Our artists residence guidelines are inspiring and  generating artistic debate/projects in relation to nature and environmental conciousness, degrowth, social issues and human rights, with special emphasis in woman´s rights.

Please notice that Airgentum Special for writers and gastronomers have Special Conditions different to the Airgentum usual residence programme. To see this information please click here.

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Disciplines and media

  • Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Visual Arts, Ceramics, Performing Arts, Music, Literature, Educational Programmes, Sewing, Design, Woodworking… all disciplines are welcomed!

Residency conditions

  • Duration:  4 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 weeks
  • Nº Artists at one time: between 1 and 4
  • Companions not allowed

Working languages

  • Spanish
  • English

Expenses paid by artist

  • Travel
  • Insurance*
  • Visa fees and procedures if needed
  • Artistic Supplies
  • Artistic Production
  • Food / Special needs
  • Bank transfer fees
  • Daily living expenses

Selection procedure

Our team will answer every application within 2 weeks, this period will start once we receive all documents and information required to start the selection procedure.

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  • Common studio/atelier
  • Assistance and artistic guidance
  • Internet Connection
  • Complete Kitchen
  • Garden
  • Bicycle*
  • Tools (consult us)

What´s included

  • Curatorial Support
  • Working space
  • Desktop (please bring your own pc)
  • Lodging: AirGentum offers as a free courtesy to its artists in residence accommodation in their studios
  • Exhibition/show/collaboration*

Optional Services

  • Curatorial Sessions with local experts/artists
  • Extra visit to local artist studio
  • Presentation of artists-in-residence work (may be arranged on a case-by-case basis)
  • Transfer Service from Seville or other cities around (Jerez, Málaga, etc.)

Please consult us for Optional Services costs.

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Application who/how

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Please, send following information and documents to our email address:

  • Sample of previous work (website, PDF, Dropbox or similar)
  • C.V. max. 2 pages in A4. Please include personal information: name, surname, nationality, date of birth, passport number
  • An artist statement explaining the main motivation of your artistic research (max. 200 words)



Airgentum Hoja de Ruta is a cultural project financed by subscription, through membership dues. Every artist  in residence acquire the status of Airgentum Hoja de Ruta member. Membership subscription is 600€/month in residency*.


* 12 weeks stays may be available for special projects. Please check with us in case you think you may need it.

* Bicicle 50€ warranty deposit will be required

* Airgentum  accommodation is not a rental apartment but a free courtesy for AIR memberships. However, AIR can opt to rent a self supported accommodation if they want to be accompanied by friends or relatives. AIR membership dues are the same.

*A deposit warranty payment will be required at arrival (150€). Once the artist has finished her/his AIR Programme deposit will be reimbursed in case that materials, resources, atelier and common appliances have been appropriately used and not damaged.

* There is no either full nor half board. Meals would be selfmade,

*AirGentum strongly recommends artists to get both travel and medical insurances before starting their trip. For Non European Citizens these may be mandatory.

*Airgentum has a list of local artist collaborators and will offer you/the AIR group their availability in order to chose the best option for both parts

* An exhibition/show/conference/collaboration may take place during the week before to departure: this is not mandatory and it may be not possible depending on many reasons (anticipation of artist application, special seasons like Semana Santa, Feria, San Benito Pilgrimage, Carnival, etc.). Artist covers materials/work production. Airgentum  markets the event, helps setting the exhibition up, sends press communicates advertising it through social media. This exhibition/show/conference/collaboration may take place either in Castilblanco de los Arroyos or in Seville city (it is not possible to choose location, this is an Airgentum choice)