Adrian Cruz

Born in Costa Rica our artist in residence Adrian Cruz has a Master Degree in Grafic Design (2012) and Visual Communication (2015). He lived in Barcelona a couple of years where he studied in Faktoría d’Arts School. He combines his work as ICAT´s coordinator (Programa de Identidad Cultural, Arte y Tecnología) and as teacher of […]

Maria Flawia Litwin

Maria Flawia Litwin finished her Masters of Fine Arts from York University (Toronto, Canada) in 2011 and has not stopped since then with solo exhibitions and several artistic residencies that have nurtured even more her extense body of work.  Litwin is a visual artist who grew up in both Poland and Australia, in between 3 […]

Little Exhibition artist in residence at Airgentum Artist Residence

Little Exhibition

  Little is the alter-ego of Pablo J. Rodríguez: Cultural Manager and self-taught artist he begun to express his creativity through writing during his youth. This way of artistic expression has turned naturally and spontaneusly into drawing. His universe, full of emotions and confronted thoughts, is nurtured by the organic: love – disillusion, magic – […]

Antonio Blázquez

Born in Fuentecarreteros (Cordoba) Antonio Blázquez  studied Fine Arts in the University of Seville. Since then, he has always combined his artistic work with a very dynamic activity as cultural promoter that has led him to create and manage several important projects like, among others, Scarpia (Conference in Artistic Intervention in Rural and Urbna Enviroment […]

Sandra Carvalho

Sandra Carvalho, specialized in engraving, is an excellent painter: sensitivity, delicacy and deepness are some of the adjectives that could describe her artistic work. Nature is the main object of her artistic universe using the shadow as a narrative element. Observation is the base of her whole creative process. She offers the view of a […]

Los Vendaval

Los Vendaval (Ro Arévalo Vargas & Pablo Alonso de la Sierra) artistic tandem work arise from the necessity to communicate on situations or topics which concern them. Particularly interested in a number of lines of inquiry, mostly related to socio-cultural dynamics and the relationship between society and the individual – human behaviour, personal relationships, cultural […]