Sepideh Farzam

Personal memories and what it means to be female are at the heart of my […]

Eureka Artist

Eureka (Michael James O’Hanlon) is a queer artist from Melbourne Australia who deconstructs and recombines […]

Nejra Causevic

Andelusion’ Environmental installation/architectonic collage General information This piece is an environmentally-related art installation/architectonic collage and […]

Noemi De Bruijn

This series of work draws from human experiences of home, belonging and displacement. Concerns with […]

Lala Drona

Lala Drona (b. 1988) is a Venezuelan-American painter and videaste, born in Denver, Colorado. After […]

Jeanene Dunlap

Powered by love of language, technology and nature, our artist in residency Jeneane Dunlap finds […]

Clare Steele

Clare Steele is a documentary photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work is concerned with […]

Ezra Enzo

Emerging artist Anna Steinberg (b.1997) is an intermedia artist with a background in painting and […]

Sonia Beauchesne

I am a jeweller. I have a commercial and an artistic practice. This body of […]

Sue Anne Rische

Sue Anne Rische considers herself both a multi-media artist and a process artist, first visualizing […]