Clare Steele

Clare Steele is a documentary photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work is concerned with […]

Ezra Enzo

Emerging artist Anna Steinberg (b.1997) is an intermedia artist with a background in painting and […]

Sonia Beauchesne

I am a jeweller. I have a commercial and an artistic practice. This body of […]

Sue Anne Rische

Sue Anne Rische considers herself both a multi-media artist and a process artist, first visualizing […]

Adrian Cruz

Born in Costa Rica our artist in residence Adrian Cruz has a Master Degree in […]

Maria Flawia Litwin

Maria Flawia Litwin finished her Masters of Fine Arts from York University (Toronto, Canada) in […]

Little Exhibition artist in residence at Airgentum Artist Residence

Little Exhibition

  Little is the alter-ego of Pablo J. Rodríguez: Cultural Manager and self-taught artist he […]

Antonio Blázquez

Born in Fuentecarreteros (Cordoba) Antonio Blázquez  studied Fine Arts in the University of Seville. Since […]

Sandra Carvalho

Sandra Carvalho, specialized in engraving, is an excellent painter: sensitivity, delicacy and deepness are some […]

Los Vendaval

Los Vendaval (Ro Arévalo Vargas & Pablo Alonso de la Sierra) artistic tandem work arise […]