Clare Steele

Clare Steele is a documentary photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work is concerned with the narrative of one’s life; how the passing through time and place affects the emotional and physical connections to what we hold dear. Those innate feelings to adapt and survive while creating space and meaning for ourselves within the exterior.

DESCENDANTS is inspired by the connections between Spain and Ireland, through the tales of Milesians, the sons of Míl Espáine, and migration across the water. The Sons sailed to Ireland from Spain, settled the land and became known as the Gaels; from whom the Irish descend. The work is concerned with the myths and legends of both countries and those journeys which never wither from memory and result in folklore. With a focus on memory and belonging to a place while engaging with the movement of people over time; the promise of the new while trying to hold onto the past. There is an everlasting quest to find the familiar within the foreign, to connect with our surroundings through what we recognise and can relate to, rather then the unknown. This series attempts to understand the soul’s yearning to see, feel and touch the world around us while also longing to keep the recognisable near and never let go of home.






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