Inga Gezalian

Inga Gezalian is a self-taught artist, publisher and columnist from Ukraine. She is the founder of FISH Magazine, launched with the help of a crowdfunding campaign. Inga likes working with tangible things. In her free time she does photography, focusing on the interconnection between humans and nature.

Inga’s photography celebrates freedom of speech. She wants to empower everyone who is afraid to live out of their heart, with no fear of being rejected by society. Her photography shows the beauty of small moments, their eternal value. As far as she shoots on film, it is «touchable» and based on senses.

If you are reading this, be sure you are not worried about your cat, your deadlines, your mailbox or whatever may bother you.

You will follow two journeys – they can be marked as “in” and “out”.

Leaving the inner path solely emotional and unexplained, the outer one can be described in key words: 

#home #shelter #garden #freedom #cage

Road that leads home partially interacts with the whole idea of my project, but leaves it’s core untouched.

I shut up – your heart will tell you the truth. Thanks for you time.

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