Maria Flawia Litwin

Maria Flawia Litwin finished her Masters of Fine Arts from York University (Toronto, Canada) in 2011 and has not stopped since then with solo exhibitions and several artistic residencies that have nurtured even more her extense body of work.  Litwin is a visual artist who grew up in both Poland and Australia, in between 3 different languages, as she lived in Paris as well. She needs the image as the perfect way of express herself out of languages. Although she was trained as a sculptor in her Installation Master, Litwin’s work has no specific medium: she moves easily from textiles to performance, from acting to video art or fiction writing.

Maria is interested in image-making as a surrogate for answers about the world around her. In her site-specific project in Airgentum, she wanted to explore deep feelings like grief throughout movement into landscape, existential concerns brought up in the exploration. In her own words:

«My works are messages in a bottle to those before me, those far away and those in the future. The act of sending the message is futile.The message itself absurd and perhaps irrelevant.And yet, it is in this absurd existential futility that I find meaning»

Airgentum looked for a possible sinergy with a local artist, we introduced contemporary art dancer Anika Burton to Maria. Anika is a Butoh-Tao dancer, she fell in love with this traditional japanese dance and travelled to Tokyo to learn and lived there for a while. But Anika is not only a Butoh-Tao dancer and choreographer, she is an illustrator as well. Connection was almost immediate.
We all worked together looking for the perfect location and we found it in the sorrounding farms where Sierra Norte Natural Park is about to start. We woke up at night to get there before sunrise trying to catch the beautiful surreal light that appears for just a few minutes everyday during sunrise and sunset as well.
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 Searching for the perfect light, dancer and performer letting their feelings go to connect with that red cracked soil landscape, their improvised choreography a natural and spontaneous filter in which their movements are the landscape expressing itself.


Together in the desert before sunrise,
In the desert before the sunset we meet.

We walk through the earth, pulsing red and moist,
yet to be cracked from the heat of the sun-
We come to pose a question.

What is grief in the landscape?
We ask respectfully, stripped of conventions; our bodies naked, vulnerable, at the mercyof Nature to sustain or to perish. The soil stains our skin, feet awkwardly navigate the unfamiliar sensations as we re-learn to walk on earth.

What is grief in the landscape?
Our bodies tremble becoming one with the red soil, coarse bark, engulfed by the desert ominous quietude.

Sound of seeds germinating, an interruption to our presumption. The barren red sea of soil is not so.

Dying, living, dying, living, dying, living, dying, living
Whispers the landscape
liberating us  of our question.

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