Micaela Odriozola & Leo Rodríguez

Micaela Odriozola was born in Uruguay in 1991. She started her Dance studies in Colonia del Sacramento when she was only 6 years old. She moved to Buenos Aires (Argentina) where she finished her Degree in Coreographic composition at the National Arts Academy.

Leonardo Rodríguez was born in Argentina, in Entre Ríos province, in 1991. He also moved to Buenos Aires where he got his Acting Degree at Raul Serrano School.

Together Micaela and Leo directed and perfomed several coreograpies: «DeSer» in Buenos Aires (2016) was selected for the Festival Día de la Danza, and also F.A.U.N.A (2017)



This piece is the conclusion of their research about natural landscapes and how they have been intervened by man. Comparisons and similarities that they have found in several audiovisual references as long as the history that they tell. The choreographic composition of this piece was made following a video selection that they adapted to the scenic space.

Moderna Ficción invites the audience to reflect about the way we live, pretends to show us through Micaela and Leo´s perspective, all the links that exist between nature and ourselves, trying to focus in what we left behind, what is happening in front of our eyes and we do not see.

These artists use as a tool the mixing of different artistic languages as dance, video and performance, because they believe in the great impact than mass media have over society. Choreographer and actor focus their work in the ephemeral character of performing arts and its encounter with lasting images.


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