Sandra Carvalho

Sandra Carvalho, specialized in engraving, is an excellent painter: sensitivity, delicacy and deepness are some of the adjectives that could describe her artistic work. Nature is the main object of her artistic universe using the shadow as a narrative element. Observation is the base of her whole creative process. She offers the view of a naturalist as a documentary focusing on certain moment decline or in the absolute beauty deteriration.

Working on shadows proyect over all kind of documents and papers transform the objects in silhouettes, and this one in also traansformed in a symbol: the synthetic, minimal expression of the image reproduced.

Sandra Carvalho makes as reflect, her work makes us think about home much are we loosing for not looking at carefully whatever we are living int he present moment. Every piece of her work is a gift, as it is avery present moment: the instant, the gesture of all the things that are moving and growing in silence around us.

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