Sepideh Farzam

Personal memories and what it means to be female are at the heart of my practice. From these perspectives my work examines issues that implicate society, politics and culture. I am drawn to various media, such as installation, painting, sculpture and textile in order to develop work that offers a metaphor for the oppression of women and their rights. I use my worn clothing, fabric, paper, paint, wood and some collected materials in a symbolic gesture to distant memories, lived experiences and place. They highlight the trace of specific and intense feeling of human ties and its uniqueness in an abstract way.

With reference to the notion of place, place has contributed to the formation of my art practice. It intersects with the theme of time and the subthemes of memory, history and identity. Therefore, I strongly believe that travelling to Castilblanco de los Arroyos, as an artist resident, provides me the opportunity to explore the region, getting inspiration from Seville’s historical, architectural and cultural heritage, as well as its peaceful environment. As a signature of this particular area I am interested in learning about Alcázar of Seville’s outstanding Islamic architecture. I will create my new works based on my experiences in Airgentum.

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