Sue Anne Rische

Sue Anne Rische considers herself both a multi-media artist and a process artist, first visualizing an idea and then assembling the needed materials to create the work. Much of her work is repetitive and highly detail oriented, the repetition offering her quiet meditation. Currently she makes artwork about privacy and the pitfalls of sharing anything on the internet. An outside of the box thinker, she is drawn to things that she finds innovative.
“Show me something that I’ve never seen before,” is one of many credos to which she aligns herself. She finds flaws in the art world’s reputation and believes that too many people are intimidated by artwork. Saddened by this, she’s written her first book to welcome the uninitiated into the enriching world of art. She hopes to win over the masses with her own artwork, writing, and videos by presenting art in a new, refreshing, and accessible way.
Sue Anne Rische site specific project focuses on the concept of privacy, a fundamental right complementary to the freedom of speech, both in a great danger nowadays. Her body of work is based in clothing and tools that help her as an individual to protect herself from face recognition software or to avoid been in any «paparazzi», while she is still able to keep on spying others, An aesthetic approach to what most of the biggerst companies and corporations, including national goverments, areda doing to people every day.
Everybody is voluntarily carrying an electronic tracking device:  it is called Mobile Phone. Social Networks and apps are designed to get as much information as possible about us: where do we go, when, what we like or not, what we ignore and what we are interested in, what we refuse and what it is indiferent to us. Metadata is in our calls, our emails, our web seraches, not to mention the face recognition software in our uploaded pictures…

«Privacy is dead: there is nothing that you tiny mouses can do about it!”
Timothy Garton Ash


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