Los Vendaval

Los Vendaval (Ro Arévalo Vargas & Pablo Alonso de la Sierra) artistic tandem work arise from the necessity to communicate on situations or topics which concern them. Particularly interested in a number of lines of inquiry, mostly related to socio-cultural dynamics and the relationship between society and the individual – human behaviour, personal relationships, cultural contexts and memory, their artistic practice is multidisciplinary and includes interventions in public spaces, installations, drawings, collages, photography, video, animation, performances, documentation, altered objects and text.


These incredibily multifaceted and dynamic artists have started in Airgentum Artists Residence a wider project in which they play with the spanish word «sambenito». Researching about our location in San Benito Hermitage way, they got inspired and decided to fight againts the long list of clichés and stigmas that contemporary artists have to suffer.

They will work on this concept for the next months engaging other artistic spaces and artists and will finally expose the result in Castilblanco next autunm.

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