Pesya Altman

(USA) is a mixed media artist and a traveler. She is focusing now on researching and discovering the essence of new places. In her work she process layers of the new information, and create a visual diary that includes maps, images and text.


Pesya arrived to A.I.R Gentum after a two month art residency in Reykjavik, where she exhibited her collection of Postcards and Souvenirs from Iceland.


For the art exhibition with AIRGENTUM art residency, I am creating a drawing installation that is inspired by the Andalusian nature and the rich patterns of the spanish tiles. The colorful floral patterns, tile-like, decorative work, is conversing with expressive, earth toned, drawings of limbs of sawn tree. In my work I am dealing with the contrast of death and life, decorative and expressive, happiness and sadness.



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ANDALUCIA MIX-MEDIA INSTALLATION (Airgentum Hoja de Ruta Collective Exhibition July 2018)

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